Theme website

Theme website

Your idea in the center of interest

Irrespective of your business or possibly as a suitable addition, a theme website can be sensible in order to focus the attention of your customers on a particular part of your sale. This website can be anything from a detailed product presentation to a well-arranged flyer. This can be particularly interesting for separate projects in which the idea of the product is to be in the focus rather than the team or the enterprise. In this case the concept of the theme website is as an independent entity visually borrowed from the possible design of the product in order to channel the attention on the idea itself and to give your unique product the internet presence that it deserves. In addition to the crowd-funding action for a new product idea, the idea of a startup or as an explanation of a specific topic – the theme website focuses on the most important aspect and places your project clearly into the focus.

This is what your theme website could look like

Seven Spaces website

Working steps


  • Discussing style and content
  • Conception (style / wire frame)


  • Color design
  • Composition and structure
  • Inclusion of an existing corporate identity
  • Logo design / Logo redesign
  • Taking photos

Technical implementation

  • Installing a content management system
  • Implementation of the finished layout
  • Integration of the finished contents
  • Creating user accounts for independent editing of the contents


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