Support service and maintenance

Support service and maintenance

Website online – how does it go on?

You would like to be able to manage your content yourself and always keep your website up to date? That is no problem. We will provide you with a content management system with which all that is possible. As the creation of content and the management of social media channels takes up a considerable part of your everyday work, it should be considered to outsource this job. Our social media and SEO experts are very willing to assist you creating new texts, fotos of blog articles as well as they give you technical support with the management of your website or social media channels. If your wish, we will also take over responsibility for the maintenance of your website.

What we can do for you


  • Advice concerning individual concepts of support service and maintenance
  • Conception (Definition of support and maintenance)

Putting things into practice

  • Maintenance of your website (Administration)
  • Contact person for questions concerning the administration and use of the content management system
  • Creation of multimedia content
  • Creation of text contens (e.g. blog entries or articles)
  • Management of social media channels


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