Relaunch / redesign

Relaunch / redesign

Would you like a new brush up?

You already have a website but it urgently needs to be overhauled? Like every house, boat or living-room wall, sometime your internet presence needs a new painting. As the online consumption has been shifted from the computer to the smartphone it has become inevitable in the recent years that websites are displayed in an optimal way also for mobile gadgets like smartphones and tablets. A redesign of your outdated website therefore includes the presentation of a so-called responsive design which means a layout that adapts itself to the actual size of the user’s screen. We would like to give you advice how to redesign and improve your website so that it meets the present visual and technical web standards.

This is what your relaunch / redesign could look like

Redesign for music group Druckluft

Production steps


  • Discussing style and content
  • Conception (style / wire frame)


  • Color design
  • Adjusting composition and structure
  • Remastering the corporate design
  • Logo design / logo redesign
  • Taking photos

Technical implementation

  • Installing a content management system
  • Implementation of the finished layout
  • Insertion of existing content
  • Creating user accounts for independent editing of the contents


Let’s go!

You would like to know more? In that case it would be best to directly contact our specialist for web design – Mattis will answer all remaining questions and is already looking forward to finding out more about you and your project. Or make use of our contact area and leave us a message.

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