Event film

Event film

Memories and anticipations

Be it an exhibition, live concert or a company anniversary – the event film records and preserves the most beautiful moments of an event. Memories of an event create interest in the observer and, due to unique film perspectives, make participants revel in memories. Apart from visual impressions, statements of visitors can be recorded which reflect the personal impressions of the day and convey an authentic and honest picture of the event. Another advantage is that the shots can be sensibly used for advertising further events. In this way, the event film can serve as a souvenir as well as a basis for a trailer for future events.

This is what your event film could look like

Production steps

Concept and planning

  • Discussing style and content
  • Conceptional design (style / script)
  • Planning the shoot (sequence / organization)


  • Shooting at your venue
  • Slider movements
  • Shoots with drones
  • Editorial preparation and interviews


  • Cut and color grading
  • Motion graphics
  • Sound editing
  • Composition / Choice of music
  • Recording of a speaker


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