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Two heads – hundreds of ideas

What at first seemed to be a funny idea that came up over an after-work beer finally became reality. We can’t present a glorious story about the origin of our enterprise with the first notes on a beer mat in the funny pub next door – nevertheless the idea of our own creative media production firm never lost its hold on us. When in the middle of 2015 we had set up our first business plan, it became clear that we had chosen the right way. Since then we have been working together as a creative team doing wonderful projects and are already planning the next one at this moment.

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About us - Mattis Schaeffer

Mattis Schaeffer

web design

With a good balance of creative ideas and the corresponding technical know-how Mattis deals with the designing as well as the programming work of the web projects done by Refining Arts. Due to his media studies in the fields of audio and web design and due to his time as a set technician at TV productions he is also responsible for the sound as well as the planning and the technical preparations of the shots for the video productions. As an all-rounder responsible for web development, sound engineering, animation, the editing of photos as well as music composition and production he is something like a jack of all trades for media.

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About us - Timo Semmler

Timo Semmler

video production

Since his first encounter with a reflex camera Timo has always been searching for the next object that can be highlighted. From analogous and digital photography he finally moved on to moving pictures, but in between he started and finished successfully his studies in audio engineering.
For it is self-evident that a film does not only have to appeal with its visual, but also with its acoustic stimuli. With his broad arrangement of capacities and being responsible for the video productions done by Refining Arts, Timo can act out his complete sense of creativity.

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